The Avariel (Aril-tel-quessir in elven or “winged folk”) were amongst the first of the elven races to migrate to Faerûn. However, conflict with Dragons almost wiped them out before the First Flowering and while they have survived since that time, they are considered by most to be myths or legends.

Physical Description

Avariel are more delicate than their earth-bound cousins, with hollow bones to aid their flight. They have pale skin, often porcelain white. An avariel’s wings are usually white, but can be black, brown or speckled. Avariel are also known to practice the dyeing of wing tips.[citation needed] Their eyes are slightly larger than normal and range in color from brilliant blues to green or purple. Their hair color normally is a silver-white or black.

Avariel are said to have the most beautiful voices of all the Tel’Quessir, and their songs are greatly sought after by bards of other races.


The avariels’ society is split into two groups which coexist together:

Warlike: Avariel warriors are geared towards war and power, answering to war chiefs who govern avariel society equally with the religious leaders. They live by a complex code of honor and spend their lives defending their race. In combat, these avariel show no mercy, often using ranged attacks from above and believing that others should know better than to create an enemy of a superior foe, such as themselves. They also view surrender to be dishonorable (for both themselves as well as their enemies), holding the idea that when a warrior draws blood, it is a promise of battle.

Peaceful: The other side of the avariel society includes scholars, philosophers and artists. Intellectuals who believe in solving problems through reason and diplomacy, these avariels spend much time researching magic and history, contemplating religion and worshiping Aerdrie Faenya, and producing art for the sheer joy of creation.

Young avariel spend time immersed in both cultures (this can last over a decade), so that no matter what sect they come from, they have a deep understanding and respect of how the other half lives.

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Your Avariel has natural abilities to aid them in their adventures, all are listed below as their traits:

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increased by 1 and your Charisma score increases by 2.
  • Age. Avariel achieve maturity at the same rate as humans and can live up to 1000 years.
  • Alignment. Because of the Avariel’s past and lineage they are more inclined to be good or lawful good characters. They value peace above all things and it is in the nature of the older Avariel’s to be guardians to other species, and show considerable trust to others.
  • Size. Avariel can vary in height but are usually between 5 and 6 feet tall. Your size is medium.
  • Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet. You also have a fly speed of 20 feet. This fly speed increases to 30 feet at 4th level, 40 feet at 8th level, 50 feet at 12th level, and 60 feet at 16th level.
  • Languages. You can read, write and speak Common and Elvish.
  • Melodic Voice. You are proficient in Performance and Persuasion.
  • Feather Fall. Because of your wings, you will never fear falling from great heights. You can cast feather fall on yourself at will, without using any components or spell slots.


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