College of the Magi

There are those who spend their lives poring over ancient tomes and texts, unlocking the power of magic, and there are those who spend their time perfecting the use of individual weapons, becoming masters without equal. The magus is at once a student of both philosophies, blending the magical ability inherent to all bards and trained martial prowess. Magi dedicate themselves to the elements of nature and the cosmos, learning secret names and words of power to both heighten their own power and diffuse the power of others. The pinnacle of this potent art, the magus becomes a blur of steel and magic, a force that few foes would dare to stand against.

Bonus Proficiencies
When you join the College of the Magi at 3rd level, you can proficiency in all martial weapons.

Elemental Weapons
As an action, you can expend one use of your Bardic Inspiration to infuse your weapon with elemental energy. You add the Inspiration die to your weapon’s damage. This additional damage is of a type of your choosing – acid, cold, fire, or lightning. The effect lasts for the remainder of the encounter or until you choose to dismiss it as a bonus action.

At 6th level, whenever you cast a spell with a range of “touch," you can deliver the spell through any weapon you are wielding as part of a melee attack. If the damage type of the spell is the same as the active damage type of your Elemental Weapons ability, you have advantage on the attack.

Power Nexus
Starting at 14th level, whenever you use your Elemental Weapons you create a 30’ radius aura of power centered around yourself. You can choose to either empower your allies or enfeeble your foes, and the decision remains in effect for as long as the Elemental Weapons ability is active. If you empower your allies, any you choose within range have advantage on saves against your active energy type as well as resistance against that energy type. If you enfeeble your foes, any you choose within range have disadvantage on saves against your active energy type as well as vulnerability to that energy type. If the enemy has resistance to the energy type, it is nullified while they are within range of your Nexus.

College of the Magi

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